Spector launches new studio

Junction Point opens in Austin

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector revealed his latest plans to the enthralled masses at the Games Developers Conference, announcing the formation of Junction Point Studios, a new developer which will be based in Austin, like Spector's former ION Storm studio. The company is said to be already bevearing away on a brand new fantasy project, said to be related to an abandoned Spector project at Looking Glass. The axed project - Junction Point - was said to be a fantasy MMORPG, before scaling back to a singleplayer game, before being chopped completely.

Junction Point Studios executive vice president Art Min is said to go way back with Spector to the Looking Glass days, and the twelve strong team currently employed by the developer are said to be mainly from the now disbanded ION Storm Austin. A full expose on Spector's new project is no doubt coming in due course, but at the moment it's just too early to discuss matters, the veteran designer commented at the GDC. More soon, then.

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