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Cameron plans game-film experiment

Battle Angel.. is it?

Through interview footage broadcast during J Allard's Xbox 2 speech at the Games Developers Conference, big-name Hollywood director James Cameron (the man behind such cinematic monsters as Aliens, Terminator 2 and Titanic) hinted at a new project in which he will simultaneously be creating a film and a game, the creative process progressing in tandem. Traditionally, games have followed the lead of films, but this project seems to be conceived as a blending of techniques which will see both mediums influence one another. Which could be interesting.

Battle Angel, based on classic anime Battle Angel Alita, is rumoured to be the Cameron project in question, and whilst the directors interest in a CGI-driven remake has been known for sometime, it seems the project may now be entering production. Of course, the game remains very much a mystery too, however an Xbox 2 version seems likely given the timing of the footage used in Allard's speech. We'll keep you posted for more news on this unusual creation.

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