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343 Industries drops an image teasing the new Halo

Kennet Scott adds a goodbye note with the image

343 Industries has managed to drop a teaser image or the new Halo game in the midst of key personnel changes.

The new image shows a rather large ship in the air as well as a large installation that looks like a base on the ground beneath it. It is definitely very Halo-looking.

The post on Halo Waypoint also included a parting note from senior art director Kenneth Scott who is stepping back to a consultancy role for personal reasons. 343 Industries drops an image teasing the new Halo

He said:

“It was hard to make this decision. This team has been my family for half a decade and I love them dearly. Helping build this studio and team is easily the highlight of my career. It's heartbreaking.


I'm excited to hand the big pants to one of my dearest friends, Nicolas 'Sparth' Bouvier. Nicolas and I have worked together for the last eight years, and we've shared a brain for most of it. He was one of my first hires to 343, and not seeing him day-to-day will feel as weird as losing a limb. I have the utmost confidence in him and I know the future is sound in his mighty fingers.


We just can't get enough of each other, so I will continue to support 343 and this universe as a Visual Design Consultant from sunny Santa Monica. In my underwear. :) Those Skype meetings will get awkward...

- Kenneth”

Thanks The Escapist

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