The Rock talks Doom

But is he the star of the film..?

Dwayne Johnson, better known as WWE wrestler (and, we recall, once a singer in a Wyclef track too) "The Rock" has been talking up his role in the forthcoming Doom movie, filming on which has just wrapped, according to the big-screen hard-man in a interview for American TV. On 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart', The Rock said "No, I'm the one," when asked if he would play the role of a creature. Still, confusion remains as to the exact role of The Rock, with fellow star Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings) previously listed as the leader of squad investigating strange Martian activity.

"Without giving the movie away, I play the ultimate [censored]. It'll be great. But you don't know I'm [censored]," The Rock is quoted as stating via Empire Online (thanks to Gamespot for that, err, spot). Ambiguity remains then as to who is the eponymous marine, but the premise is classic Doom: a research facility on Mars gone wrong with the arrival of all hell. Die Another Day's Rosamund Pike will also star and Cradle 2 the Grave director Andrzej Bartkowiak is in charge of this Universal Pictures project. More on the Doom motion picture soon.

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