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Activision capture the Fantastic Four

New film tie-in in development

Activision must be rubbing their hands in glee with their latest movie licence acquisition, the Fantastic Four from Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Comics. The game will be out in tandem with the new superhero flick in the summer, with releases on the PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC touted. A 'team-based action adventure' game is mooted, with an engrossing single-player portion set to be complimented by a two-player co-op mode. X2: X-Men-United film writer Zak Penn will provide the game's plot and script, which follows that of the film, and will see the player utilising the diversity of the superheroes powers to battle Doctor Doom and his minions across a range of environs.

The locations will apparently be familiar to those who are fans of Marvel's original comics, and will apparently engage the player in adventures beyond that of the film plot too. Multiplayer hero battles will be possible in arenas, and we're also told that it will be possible to switch characters mid-battle. More soon.

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