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Classic Fallout games cease to be available on GOG

Bethesda takes full control of the Fallout license from Interplay

The classic Fallout games are no longer available to download on DRM-free PC download platform GOG.com.

GOG offered Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics for free as part of their Christmas sale with the knowledge that they were shortly going to be removed from the service.

Their removal is part of the settlement of the long-running legal battle between Interplay, original owners of the Fallout IP and Bethesda who purchased the rights to it from Interplay. Classic Fallout games cease to be available on GOG

The argument revolved around Interplay's attempts to develop a Fallout MMO which Bethesda developed single player titles. Bethesda now retains the rights to all properties related to the Fallout franchise and as such the classic titles have been pulled from sale.

Thanks Joystiq.

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