Titanfall will be awesome on all fronts says Respawn

Cloud-powered AI at the core of the game's new technology

Respawn Entertainment don't just want you to pick up Titanfall because it looks pretty. They believe that the game will be as fun to play as it is good-looking.

Jon Shirling who is a software engineer on the game has explained that while the technology behind the game is impressive from the cloud-boosted AI to the gorgeous visuals it will break new ground on the gameplay side of things too.

Shirling stated on the game's use of the cloud, “The extra bandwidth is what lets us build a world with moving objects, and the available CPU is what lets us do things like AI. 's not just a bullet flying through the air and moving and causing network data, it's an actual AI that's making decisions and trying to shoot at things and looking around.” Titanfall will be awesome on all fronts says Respawn

"We're not going to try to say, 'You should buy this game for technical reasons.' The game is awesome on all fronts - the gameplay is really new and different, and I think that's what people want," he added.

Thanks OXM.

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