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One-million PSPs for US debut

Fears of shortage prove false

Allaying fears that as few as 400,000 units might be made available for the forthcoming North American PSP debut, Sony has confirmed that relieved retailers will be getting their paws on a full one-million of the little gizmos for launch week. Fears that Sony would not be able to satiate demand have been circling for some time, especially with only 1.2 million PSPs shipped in Japan since December. The delay of the new handheld in South Korea and, sadly, in Europe and Australasia too, has no doubt helped Sony's plans for America.

Sony's financial year ends at the close of March, and they apparently plan to ship some three million PSPs by this date, though quite where this tally will come from remains to be seen - an extra Japanese contingent perhaps? We'll keep you posted on all things handheld as Sony and Nintendo's portable babies square up in gaming markets across the globe. The PSP takes on the US on March 24th.

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