50 Cent stars in self-titled videogame

MTV debut for new 'street' action game

It appears that a new game has been confirmed today, via MTV no less, and starring internationally renown rapper 50 Cent. Fiddy's videogame debut will be called 50 Cent: Bulletproof, and was credited to Vivendi during the broadcast. The title of the game may well be a reference to the rapper's own past - in which he was once shot nine times yet survived. Bulletproof indeed. "Don't watch if violence freaks you out," read a warning before the trailer, and we then witness 50 Cent and fellow rapper Eminem entering a skyscraper carrying guns, despatching brutally with a series of nefarious gangsters

"50 Cent: Bulletproof follows the rapper through the NYC criminal underworld to uncover an ugly, international conspiracy," reads the official MTV site on the topic. "50 Cent will contribute music for the game including freestyle rhymes that players mix in the game's music lab. Expect additional tracks, voices and likenesses of Dr. Dre and other G-Unit members."

"I plan to shake up the video game world like I did the rap world," the rapper is quoted as saying, before the MTV site reveals that he actually turned down a lead role in GTA: San Andreas in 2003, to create a rival videogame of his own. More on this interesting new prospect as we get it.

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