Konami working on new Silent Hill, Winning Eleven titles

...and hiring for their respective dev teams

Despite the fact this it hardly takes a degree in biochemistry to deduce that new games in these popular series' are on the way, we're going to tell you any way, because we're kind (bored) like that. A recent jobs listing page on Konami Tokyo's website reveals that the publisher is currently ramping up development on new titles in both the Silent Hill and Winning Eleven series', with new staffers apparently needed 'urgently'.

As well as adding to the development teams on these two projects, Konami are also hiring for a third, unspecified title, which presumably will be unveiled in due course. Regardless of how predictable a new Winning Eleven game is, it is also good to hear that a continuation of Silent Hill remains firmly in Konami's plans. More soon, then.

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