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Atari pick-up Fahrenheit

'Thrilling' new prospect sighted

Atari have signed a new game within the last week or two, in the shape of Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit, a PC, Xbox and PS2 crime-thriller, which was once part of Vivendi's line-up but is now mysteriously not. Atari will publish this ambitious foray in September, we're reliably informed, and it's actually a mouth-watering prospect. Billed as a rival to a big-screen physiological thriller, Fahrenheit appears to draw on diverse sources of inspiration, and is set in a near future New York, where a murderer is on the run, attempting to discover why he committed the crime; before the police can catch him. Lucas Kane is the central character, and players will move between his perspective, and the woman charged with capturing him, as the miasma of the plot unfolds.

Omikron - The Nomad Soul was Quantic's ambitious if flawed debut, and a very fine attempt at innovation it was too, which may be why Atari seem well pleased with their new acquisition, Martin Spiess calling the game a "landmark" adventure, adding "with genuinely innovative design and a chilling atmosphere to match that of some of the most successful big screen psychological thrillers." Sounds promising, I think.

We'll keep you posted on this as September nears.

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