DoA creator dismisses new Tekken

'I prefer DoA', says DoA creator, surprisingly

With Namco's Tekken 5 currently en route to stores, rival beat 'em creator Tomonobu Itagaki, of the Tecmo / Dead or Alive fame, has taken the opportunity to take a side-swipe at this rival to his own inventions. Speaking in an interview with 1UP, Itagaki was cheerfully snearing in his jibes, beginning: "First they put in all of these half-finished "features", then they take them right out again," before adding "Tag fights, elevation differences, walls. I don't know if it's because they're impatient, or because they lack the ability, but no matter the reason those guys are a pretty weird bunch. Any of those things would have become a bonafide feature if they took the time to do it right."

All in all something of a lambasting for Namco, though Tecmo are somewhat renown for their vocal dismissals of their rivals; the Japanese publisher having previously dissed Sony and their partners - not least, we're guessing, because Tecmo enjoy strong ties with Microsoft. We'll keep you posted on the posturing of developers as and when their tongues are let loose.

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