SOCOM 3 revealed

Sony let slip word of new online shooter

Sony have revealed today that a third title in the multiplayer-tastic third-person shooter series SOCOM is en route to the PS2, and is once again being crafted by Zipper Interactive. The title is due out in the autumn, but unsurprisingly has been rumoured for some time anyway. Morocco, Poland and Bangladesh will be forming the new backdrops to our elite force's actions, and new AI as well as customisable weapons attachments are also being mooted.

Larger levels, using advanced 'streaming' technology (rather than those pesky loading screens) are promised, and singleplayer appears to be getting far more attention this time around than in the previous PS2 Online-focussed titles. Plenty of vehicles are also due, as too are multiple routes to success, and a new 'context sensitive' control for ordering comrades, etc. More is expected at E3. News-Ed-out.

E3 Trailer