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Xbox 360 design speculated

Well, maybe...

The Xbox 2 - or Xbox 360 - depending on which rumours you subscribe to, is providing even more speculation than usual today, with further news from an 'insider source' reportedly revealing several new secrets about Microsoft's new system; expected to be released at the end of 2005. The source reportedly told tech site Kotaku that the new look Xbox dispenses with the heavy, boxy look, and instead boasts sleek curves and sweeps. We're also told the Xbox '360' (as their source refers to it) will be able to stand both flat, and on its side, with an over-sized power button 'the ring of light' the main focus of the design.

Two flavours of Xbox 360 are reportedly being created, one with and one without a HDD (as previously rumoured), with customisable designer face plates covering all but the 'ring' side of the machine, enabling gamers to highly customise the look of their contraption. A silver finish is reportedly the default scheme of the 360. In keeping with this theme of uniqueness, Kotaku's source also talks of a highly customisable Xbox dashboard, and confirms that wireless controllers will feature.

The new system is supposed to be backwards compatible, though apparently Microsoft's technical bods are still trying to pull this off, perhaps owing to the switch from NVIDIA to ATI graphical technology. Of course, this could all be total, speculative, nonsense - but a 'circle of light' certainly sounds like something the Microsoft marketing department would lap up - as does the idea of an interchangeable fascia, with its popular culture (mobile phone) related connotations. We're cautious, but given how well this rumour tallies with several others, also rather interested. More as we get it.

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