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Arkane Austin hiring for CryEngine-powered next-gen title

Is this the Prey 2 reboot rumoured earlier this year?

Arkane's Texas studios are hiring for an unannounced triple-A next generation title.

The jobs pages for Arkane's parent company Zenimax is advertising for a game system designer/assistant producer to “work on an unannounced AAA title in development for PC and next-generation consoles.”

It is slightly unclear what this title will be though. Arkane will most certainly be preparing a sequel to last year's hit Dishonored but that will probably be handled by their studio in Lyon.  Arkane Austin hiring for CryEngine-powered next-gen title

Rumours surfaced earlier this year via leaked emails between Rafael Colantonio and the rest of the studio that they had received the green light to move forward with their System Shock inspired reboot of stalled Human Head title Prey 2.

What is certain is that they will be using the latest iteration of Crytek's immensely powerful CryEngine.

Thanks Develop Online.

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