Killer 7 world debut looms

Capcom's opus nears

The unique and highly anticipated Killer 7 appears to be drawing near at last, and we're eager for the hyperbole to be satiated with a release for Capcom's opus. With a 'summer' release long scheduled in Japan, the latest news has it that the game will be out on June 7th in the US, and on June 24th in Europe and the Antipodes. Such correlation in dates makes a pleasant change for a Japanese title, which usually take so long to reach Europe and sometimes North America too.

This stylish cel-shaded shooter was originally due in 2003, and is being created by Shinji Mikami, of the Devil May Cry, Resident Evil fame. The unusual and arresting looking title places the player in charge of seven assassins, telepathically linked to a mysterious wheel-chair bound figure. The Cube will be first to get this enticing prospect, though a PS2 version is en route too.

E3 Trailer