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World of Warcraft imposes 'casino' ban

Spam sparks new rule

In an MMORPG first, Blizzard have imposed a blanket ban on 'casinos' in their thriving genre-debut World of Warcraft. Previously, players had been organising gambling circuits, in which players could bet in-game funds on the role of a dice, though Blizzard moved quickly to ban the activity: "Casinos have been a very debated topic over the last few weeks. As of February 17, 6pm PST, in game casinos or any type of gambling establishment, are no longer allowed," read the official statement

The decision to ban casinos and other gambling in WoW was not taken for the moral health of the fledgling online society however, rather because of the amount of spam doing the rounds as players attempted to attract gamblers and arrange meets. "there [has] been a resounding number of complaints about the gambling practice. As such, should a character be found running a casino disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the rules against Spamming and Advertising."

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