New Resident Evil to lure horror fans

March 18th looms menacingly

Nintendo are determined to make the most of their Resident Evil 4 exclusivity pact with Capcom, and have announced ambitious plans to promote the game across Europe in March. Already a best-seller stateside in January, the game will be exclusive to the GameCube for the duration of 2005. As part of the European marketing push, Resi 4 will be sponsoring the Sci-Fi channel and even indulging in a 'tour' of cinemas pre-launch. As well as the chance to try the game, the tour will be offering re-screenings of classics like Alien, The Exorcist and The Wicker Man. "Evil Evolves" will run in London, Leicester and Leeds from March 10th to March 26th.

On the Sci-Fi channel, Resident Evil 4's support will include a "Teen Scream" weekend from March 18th to the 20th, and all in all Nintendo seem to have positioned themselves well to tap into a macabre zeitgeist. The game was the best selling console title stateside in January. "We are delighted to have a fantastic title like Capcom's Resident Evil 4 exclusively on the Nintendo GameCube," enthused Ninty UK product manager Rob Lowe. "This game presents us with an exciting opportunity to cater to more mature gamers, showing that Nintendo is dedicated to bringing high quality entertainment to customers of all ages."

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