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Midway run the Gauntlet with Romero

Josh Sawyer joins the 'party', too

We heard quite some time back that John Romero (of the Doom fame) was working on a new edition of the Gauntlet series at Midway, and now we know that he is for certain - because the US developer / publisher have told us. Midway's San Diego studio will be the site of the development with Icewind Dal's Josh Sawyer also joining Romero at the head of the project. Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows will be heading to the PS2, Xbox and PC in the winter.

Players of the new Gaunlet with lead four adventurers in a fantasy world fraught with danger, and being torn apart by the magical machinations of a powerful emperor who isn't exactly harbouring the murder of his great lover with much dignity. The gameplay sounds a bit like Dungeon Siege, with hack-n-slash fighting joined by "lite" RPG elements. As well as an involving singleplayer aspect, we're promised co-op and a full online mode. More on this at E3 in May.. probably.

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