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Shiny new Matrix game stars Neo

New action-adventure revealed

Atari and developer Shiny have today unveiled the brand new Matrix game which has been in development since 'Enter the Matrix' graced our screens, and the publisher has confirmed a release in the fourth-quarter for the PS2, Xbox and PC. What's more, this title is being crafted with the aid of film producer Joel Silver and directors the Wachowski brothers. The game is titled the 'Path of Neo', and is all about our impossibly empowered hero.

Like EA's Lord of the Rings outing, Path of Neo will take us on an interactive tour through the best bits of the films, featuring all the original cast from the trilogy in interlacing scenes that bind the expansive plot. It was previously felt that the character of Neo would be too strong for a videogame, however it appears a U-turn is underway, as Atari seek to promote the most appealing elements of the action-packed films. More soon.

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