Former Bungie team reveal new game

New Zombie-em-up from Halo boys

Bungie - the jewel in Microsoft's game development crown - have today announced a brand new title, not in their top-selling Halo series, the flagship titles of the Xbox console. In a departure from the more serious and epic pretensions of the Halo games, Bungie's new offering will reportedly be called Stubbs the Zombie. An Xbox exclusive (big surprise there, I know), the new title will see players assuming the role of new Zombie Stubbs, and the game will utilise the Halo graphics engine.

Dubbed a third-person action-adventure title, young Stubbs will be possessing opponents, taking their weapons and generally wreaking merry havoc. Unlike Halo, stealth and concealment will also be key gameplay mechanics, making for a tense experience - we're guessing. More on this as Bungie fill us in further.

UPDATE: My apologies, it seems that Wideload - not Bungie - are creating this title. Wideload are founded by former Bungie developers; hence the confusion. The game will be created for the PC, Xbox and Mac. Ahem.

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