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Free Revolution for an hour

Try the full game... briefly

Got a big phat broadband pipe and fancy sampling all that one of the most ambitious games of last year has to offer? Then head on over to 3D Gamers and snag yourself the 800 meg download of the full version of Republic: The Revolution. Unlike almost every other demo in the history of demos, this particular Elixir developed one gives you the entire game to play with, just like you had peeled it fresh out of the shrink-wrap. The only proviso is that shrink-wrap will slip back around the game like impenetrable see-through armour after one hour. Somewhat reminiscent of Cinderella' plight you will have just one hour to decide if this controversial and some would say under-rated game is to your liking.

An unusual move and one worth taking up if you have the bandwidth sitting around doing nothing more engaging than responding to F5 key-presses for your favourite forums.

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