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Dooms delayed

But Activision are rich...

As Activision announced record profits so the news was not all rosy from the world's second largest games publisher. Doom for the Xbox, and the Doom PC expansion pack have now both been delayed; pushed back into the 2006 fiscal year - according to Acti's financial statement. For the quarter ending December 31st, the US firm announced revenues up 34% over the same period last year, with profits up 26% too.

Despite the slippage however, the overall news from Activision was overtly optimistic, Robert Kotick, Chairman and CEO commenting, "In fiscal 2006, we will release the strongest game slate in our history which includes new versions of our top-selling fiscal 2005 franchises - Tony Hawk, Spider-Man, Shrek, Call of Duty, DOOM, and X-Men, as well as games based on True Crime, Fantastic Four, Madagascar, Quake, The Movies, and an original new property from Neversoft, the development team behind the Tony Hawk series."

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