Rising Star woos European cultists

Big in Japan.. heads to Europe

Despite the hugely differing tastes and styles, Japanese games have always enjoyed greater successes in Europe than their western counterparts have in the land of the rising sun. Tapping into the burgeoning niche, newly formed publisher Rising Star plans to deliver cult favourites to Europe far quicker than the usual companies involved manage. Formed by Japanese publisher Marvellous Entertainment, and Ninty distributor Bergsala, RS is planning to deliver four Harvest Moon titles to Europe before 2005 is out, Nintendo DS conversions of Taito titles, and a PSP game in the Evolution line.

The new firm has ambitiously already announced releases for the GBA, PS2, PSP and DS, and we're certainly impressed with their early portfolio, consisting of titles which would normally taken eons to reach Europe; if they made it at all. We're going to keep our eyes peeled for more from Rising Star, who look certain to become gaming purists' allies in the battle against tardy Japanese conversions and general ambivalence towards Europe. More soon.

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