God of War ascending soon

PS2 exclusive draws closer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe yesterday confirmed what we all fully expected anyway, that they will be publishing God of War, developed by Sony's Santa Monica studio stateside, with a release in the second quarter of 2005 tabled. God of War is based heavily on Greek mythology, and sees players assuming the role of mighty warrior-hero type Kratos. A singleplayer action-adventure game is the order of the day, and a heady mix of involving combat and puzzles is mooted.

Kratos' daunting task is to hunt and kill the god of war himself: Aries, and the story of the game will unfold post-modern style through flashbacks initially, as the player works out why the game began with a soldier falling to his death. It certainly sounds promising, and we know Sony will be working hard on their first-party exclusive titles, so we look forward to learning more about this as release looms. Which it is already, really.

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