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Xbox One HDD 'full' at around 360 GB

Xbox One uses 140GB of the HDD for OS and other functions

It appears that the Xbox One's 500GB hard disc doesn't offer nearly that much of free storage space.

An experiment carried out by IGN to see just how much storage space the Xbox One's HDD can actually store has placed the limit of usable space at 362GB. This means that the Xbox One's OS and other functions uses up around 140GB of space.

There is no function to manage space within the Xbox One's settings other than to delete the apps and games individually as Microsoft designed the console to automatically manage the device's data. Xbox One HDD 'full' at around 360 GB

It stands to reason given the Xbox One's DVR functions that there would be a buffer for video on the console's HDD. Still, to only get a 360GB of storage out of a 500GB device will ruffle more than a few feathers.

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