DOOM is 20 years old today

Happy Birthday to the granddaddy of all FPSes

Like it or not, and most of you will admit to liking it, DOOM is one of, if not the most influential games of all time.

Without DOOM we wouldn't have the FPS genre as we know it today. That means no Battlefield, no Halo and certainly no Call Of Duty.

To that end today we should celebrate DOOM's 20th birthday. There's plenty ways to celebrate. The recent re-release of DOOM 3 includes DOOM and DOOM 2 so play away at those. DOOM is 20 years old today

If you're more interested in the history of DOOM there's David Kushner's interesting book Masters Of Doom which follows the life and times of Johns Carmack and Romero as they built up id Software, creating DOOM and Quake along the way.

Just don't hold your breath for DOOM 4, it'll probably be a while yet before it sees the light of day.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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