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Dust 514 Uprising 1.7 update arrives

New weapons and Volcanic mood arrive

Today sees the launch of the latest in a series of monthly updates for Dust 514.

The Uprising 1.7 update brings in a raft of new content along with a load of improvements to the game mechanics. New content includes the Minmatar Combat Rifle which is effective in short and medium range combat situations and the Caldari Rail Rifle which is potent at long ranges. They've also added the new Volcanic mood to add a bit more variety to the mission maps.

The update includes significant revisions and improvements to both the vehicle system and the Factional Warfare system. CCP has streamlined vehicle fitting laying the foundation for the arrival of new vehicle variations in future updates. Dust 514 Uprising 1.7 update arrives

The update brings in a new loyalty points system to the Factional Warfare system which will allow player access to faction-specific weaponry. Further, CCP has also revamped the system for initiating Orbital Strikes so they must now be earned by securing satellites first.

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