California cracks down on Cyber-truants

San Francisco consider ruling

In a legal move echoing recent initiatives in Los Angeles, we today learn that San Francisco are currently planning a new law to crack down on juveniles using internet and gaming cafes at certain hours of the day. New proposals would prevent café owners serving kids after 11pm at night, and during school hours, with owners breaking the law fined $750 for repeat offences. Owners would be forced to check IDs rigidly, though many claim they already undertake such precautions on school days. Youth organisations however fear the new proposals from San Francisco supervisor Fiona Ma may be a step too far as they claim cybercafés are among the few safe places for teens to go after dark. Pressure from Youth commissioners have already seen clauses concerning loitering removed from the proposal.

LA already operates similar laws with some success, and even requires that café owners acquire a special licence from the police before being allowed to operate. A decision is expected in February, and was driven by statistics claiming that 86% of arrests in cafes were of juveniles, with 93% of these being for truanting or related offences. More on all matters gaming-legal as we get it.

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