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Ninty offer DS early via Stars Catalogue

£130 with Mario 64 DS...

Ninty's most avid fans - those owning (about) three original first-party releases - and therefore owning over 1,000 'Stars' via the Big N's loyalty system, can get hold of the DS early through Nintendo's website. The system is out officially on March 11th, but Ninty say those with over 1,000 points can get hold of the Limited VIP Pak from now for £130.

The Pak includes a DS, T-shirt, Mario 64 DS, Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt demo and Warioware: Touched! demo. A mere 3,000 Paks are available in Europe, so you might want to get in there pretty sharpish to bag this - though be warned that postage may take up to '28 days'. The standard system will retail for £100, though won't be out for over a month still.

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