BF2 delayed, DICE in the bag

EA financial report reveals stuff

EA yesterday unveiled their latest quarterly financial results, and predictably it was more good news for the world's largest games publisher. Amid the balance sheets and unsurprising optimism, there was also a few details on - amazingly - videogames... because apparently that is still what it's all about. Specifically, we hear word that Battlefield 2 has been delayed, and will now be with us between April and June - rather than the March date previously mooted. Medal of Honour: Dogs of War will also be released during the same period.

In more business-centred titillation, EA have finally got their claws well and truly into Battlefield developers Digital Illusions CE (DICE), the new statement confirming that whilst the studio hasn't been acquired outright, a controlling stake of 59.8% is in the bag. A few rebellious shareholders apparently put pay to EA's hopes of total domination, though we imagine this can't be far off, and EA does have the option of raising their stake to over 67% at a later date. More Battlefield games are to be expected, we think.

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