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Sonic returns in 2005

Sega man lets slip...

In a recent interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK, SonicTeam chief Yuji Naka let slip that a brand new Sonic outing for the GameCube will be released in 2005, and that a full game based on the Sonic DS tech demo is also in the works. Nakasan suggested that the new Cube Sonic should be out before the end of the year, and it is expected that the new game will build upon the successes of Sonic Heroes, which enjoyed an unexpectedly roaring trade in 2004.

Of the DS version, the developer commented "We are taking our time to make sure the game makes use of the DS's many new features," and we expect more on this unusual Sonic outing at this year's E3 in May. May-be. The DS tech demo featuring Sonic showed our spikey friend being moved and manipulated by the rubbing of the handheld's touch screen - certainly a unique if potentially RSI-inducing way of controlling the title. Dating on this game is more vague, however we're looking forward to much more on both new Sonic experiences soon.

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