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Rare to return to handhelds

New titles due.. but what?

When Rare were first purchased by Microsoft so many moons ago, many feared that Redmond's Xbox ambitions might put pay to the significant contributions Rare had been making to the handheld market - not the case as we now know. Indeed, Banjo Pilot is now out stateside and Mr. Pants is due out in the UK next month, Rare have given the first indications that they have more in the pipeline for mobile platforms, teasing "So, what now? What's next for Rare on the handheld scene?" via a news post on the company site.

"What's our dedicated team plugging away at in the background as we speak? Well, far be it from us to keep a secret. What we'll actually be doing is -" the posting continued quipping. So we don't know, is the long and short of it, but we do suspect. Of course, given the alliegances of Rare's most recent releases a Gizmondo title seems most likely; though it is also possible that Microsoft might join Nintendo and battle Sony indirectly with a DS title. Gizmondo seems most likely though, with Microsoft aready backing the fledgling format with new releases.

Of course, the Gizmondo already has an up hill struggle on its hands in battling the PSP abd the DS, though Redmond has pledged further releases and seem to be treating their investment in the Gizmondo as vaguely political - I certainly can't see them offering any games Sony's way, can you?

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