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Worms 4 wiggles to the surface

Team 17 go back to basics

After the experimental semi-flop that was Worms Under Siege, developers Team 17 are happily reverting the traditional formula with Worms 4: Mayhem, which will be published (for the first time) by Codemasters on the PS2, Xbox and PC. The game should be out by the middle of 2005. The turn-based silliness of previous titles will be the order of the day once again, and we're told to expect the usual array of ridiculous maps, surreal weaponry and darkly comic humour. Like the 'interestingly' progressive Worms 3D, Worms 4 will be in true 3D, set in worlds based around five motifs: Jurassic, Camelot, Arabian, Construction, and Wild West.

Destructable scenery will be important to the game - and for the first time both worms and weapons will be fully customisable, allowing you to create unique harbingers of wiggly doom appropriately. Even the words our pink friends speak will be yours to choose, so we're certainly looking forward to some new catchphrases. A number of multiplayer maps (supporting up to four players) will be available, and a singleplayer game built around destroying land and collecting items is also touted. We may even get our paws on Xbox Live and PS2 Online support, which would certainly suit the Worms series most admirably.

Of course, Worms being Worms, we're not expecting anything remarkably original with this new title - but it will be interesting to see if Team 17 can come up with something fresh - as we've certainly all been missing a game of Worms' ilk in our lives. More as we get it, then.

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