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Bungie gives away Marathon

No, not a chocolate bar

Feted for their Halo series developer Bungie has been making FPS games for over a decade, and shooters for longer than that, (early side-scroller Abuse was a personal favourite). Their first attempt at the genre, Marathon, was a revelation on its release back in the day, mostly because of its chosen platform, the Macintosh. Back then there were next to no games for the Mac so to play an actual FPS on one was a rare treat indeed. The fact that the game and its sequels also included some interesting ideas and an approach to game making which was to eventually lead to their opus adds an extra layer of interest to these classic titles.

So to celebrate this long and illustrious heritage Bungie have decided to make Marathon and its two sequels, Durandal and Infinity, freely available for download, here. Even though the first Marathon was only released for the Mac, thanks to some mysterious process the game will now work on Windows machines. The two sequels are natively dual-format, so if you fancy taking a peak at the early works of the Halo team head on over to the site and join in the Marathon 10th anniversary celebrations.

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