Ninty and Konami team-up

...for Mario dance title

Nintendo and Konami are teaming-up to create a brand new game, an official release late last week informed us. The title will be a brand new version of Konami's popular Dance Dance Revolution series, and will be the first party-inducing 'dance mat' game for the GameCube. The new title, set to feature Mario himself, will be released by Nintendo this Summer in Japan - and could well head to Europe under the Dancing Stage moniker at some point too. If we're lucky.

'Dance Dance Revolution with Mario', as the game is known in the far east, will feature an improved and more thoughtful singleplayer game in-line with the plumber's cunning addition, and a new variety of Nintendo-esque mini-games will also help separate DDR with Mario from the several versions already draped over the PS2. We'll keep you posted on this curious creation.

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