Doom looms for Interplay

End of Titus forbodes Interplay closure

With parent company Titus ceasing to be in France as of last week, the future does indeed look very bleak for former giant Interplay, which has been stripped of many major licences in recent months as the embattled firm looks to stay afloat. Titus was wound up with debts in excess of 33 million Euros, and it seems likely that companies such as Avalon - whom it also controlled - will now be closed too in order to pay creditors.

Interplay were still attempting to create titles if the latest news was to be believed, and has clung on to the Kingpin and Dark Alliance licences - having lost Baldur's Gate when the D&D rights were revoked. The French courts had been protecting Titus in the hope salvaging the firm, but a judge called time, stating: "Titus was unable to finance any new games. There was no hope of financial rectification." It seems likely that a similarly bleak judgement awaits the firm's other interests, but it will certainly be sad to see Interplay go, given the many treasures the firm once delivered into gamers disk drives. We await further word on this.

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