Alien: Isolation artwork leaks online

Two images appear on NeoGAF

Possible artwork for the as-yet unannounced Alien title Alien: Isolation has appeared on the internet.

The images that cropped up on NeoGAF seem to be one piece of concept art and a possible piece of early box art.

Rumours of Alien: Isolation's existence emerged in October describing the game as a first-person stealth-horror game following Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda. It is believed that the game will only feature one alien in a manner akin to the original film. Alien: Isolation artwork leaks online

It has been known for some time that Creative Assembly has been working on an unannounced title based on the Alien franchise and all evidence seems to point to Alien: Isolation being that very title.

The game is believed to be in development for next-gen consoles and PC some time during 2014.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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