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For every Xbox One feature seen there's 5 more on the way says Microsoft

Harrison promises there's plenty more exciting developments coming for the Xbox One

The Xbox One has already impressed with the features it has launched with.

Native SmartGlass support, personal game DVR and Kinect 2.0 have all impressed so far both critics and gamers alike.

Microsoft has plenty more up their sleeves though.VP of Microsoft Studios Phil Harrison explained,“...for every feature you've seen in the launch titles - SmartGlass, GameDVR, use of voice with Kinect - there are five features in the queue waiting to come out, either in an update or a sequel or in a future version of a game. The kind of creative and technical innovation that we're seeing in the industry - it's a really good time.” For every Xbox One feature seen there's 5 more on the way says Microsoft

"When you've been around for a long time, you know what platforms are like,” he stated. “The games you celebrate and are proud of in the first year, when you look back at them from the perspective of ten years from now; you'd be amazed at the difference. It's a combination of the tools getting better, developers beginning to understand the unique architecture to work with."

He went on, "Crucially this time around, there's the power of the cloud and what that means for game design. That can grow and scale indefinitely - of course there is a practical limit but in effect you're uncapped.”

“And I think,” Harrison added, “from a player's perspective, that's the most exciting part; that it's not just about the chips in the box under the television or wherever you position your console of choice, it's about what the platform will provide you with over time. We've not had that in a console generation before."

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