Massive: The Division's Snowdrop Engine designed for smarter next-gen development

Snowdrop designed to integrate all elements of game development more efficiently

Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment studio, the team behind The Division has been talking a bit more about the engine that will power the game.

The new Snowdrop Engine has been created with the aim of building next-gen games in a much smarter and more dynamic way by interconnecting all of the elements of the game from art to animation to design in one unified system.

Massive explained on the UbiBlog, “We re-evaluated the entire development workflow to refocus on a smarter, rather than bigger, way of doing things. When using Snowdrop, the artists, the designer and the animators have the power to achieve their ideas and vision, simply by accessing the game directly within the engine. Snowdrop is a dynamic, interconnected and united system.” Massive: The Division's Snowdrop Engine designed for smarter next-gen development

“Each thing the creators develop need to be instant and in-game, so that they know exactly if it will work, with no baking time,” they went on. “We built Snowdrop in a way so that the game is always playable during development. We conduct frequent playtests at Massive to ensure it’s constantly tested at every stage of production. Not only does this allow us to obtain the best quality possible, this enables us to achieve a high level of coherence within the game.”

They added, “If the tool is not fun, you kill individual creativity. We get all kinds of crazy, fun and unexpected results from an intuitive and powerful tool like Snowdrop. That’s exactly what an innovative gameplay experience is about.”

Thanks VG247.

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