EA attempt NBA exclusivity

NFL deal inspires giant publisher

In a deal which many could have predicted EA attempting, online gaming behemoth IGN is reporting that the NBA have rejected EA's tempting attempts to garner exclusive control of the lucrative basketball videogame licence for themselves, though neither EA or the NBA are stating anything officially at the moment. Having sewn-up the American football licence in a massive five-year deal, EA's sights understandably turned to the world of basketball, a genre they also hope to dominate - and have reportedly been once again offering vastly ridiculous sums. Which, to their credit, we're also told the NBA has been resisting thus far.

Many critics of the NFL deal (who, unsurprisingly, include a number of EA's rival publishers), have noted that EA's dealings could be starving competition resulting in worse titles for gamers, will probably be pleased with the NBA's resistance thus far, however it seems highly probably EA will be persistent and generous if they value such licences as highly as we know they do. We'll attempt to learn more, but it'll be difficult with EA and NBA's silence proving deafening thus far.

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