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DayZ coming to Steam Early Access, it will begin with a Alpha build though

Dean Hall warns that the early builds will probably be disappointing

Dean 'Rocket' Hall, the creator of the popular DayZ zombie survival mod for has revealed that the standalone version of the mod will be heading to Steam Early Access soon.

He did warn that, as the game has barely arrived in Alpha stage the first few builds on Steam Early Access will probably be riddled with bugs and glitches.

“I really can't emphasize enough,” Hall wrote on the game's forums, “this is going to be an early access project on steam. It's a true-blue alpha. Massive areas of the engine were entirely reworked, involving a large team of people over the last 12 months. Much of what these achievements will enable won't be seen for many months - so I really plead for anyone who is on the fence to take a sceptical approach - watch streams, read reviews, watch some let's play and form your opinion. You could always come back to the game in three, six months time and buy it then.” DayZ coming to Steam Early Access, it will begin with a Alpha build though

He continued, “Buying early will be a recipe for disappointment It's a chance for those who want to be part of that whole process. For them, the process is as much as part of the game as the whole experience. For many, this is the opposite of what they want. To enable a smooth launch, we really are targeting it at a core audience who want to get deeply involved in a very barebones experience that is a platform for future development.”

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