New dev diary from Avalanche hints at Just Cause 3

Developers head to Costa Rica to research jungle environments

Avalanche Studios has released a new development diary of them doing research in the Costa Rican jungle.

The video makes numerous references to Just Cause 2 and talks about their aim of the trip being to to research "dense vegetation, beautiful skies and flowing water," for multiple open-world games.

Associate art director at Avalanche Andreas Oberg said, "We've been creating complex environments for ten years. But of course, nothing compares to being in an environment like this for real."

"Look at the complexity of this vegetation,” he went on. “All the things here on the trees: The little drops of water, this little moss, these almost-branches... When we make the computer games, we are always fighting against the limitations of technology, and coming up with clever ways of solving this. In a game like Just Cause 2 we had about ten million trees."

Of course the Just Causes series is Avalanche's main open-world franchise and there has been indications from studio boss Christofer Sundberg's LinkedIn that Just Cause 3 is in development and due for release in the summer of 2015 which have now been removed.

Thanks The Escapist.

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