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Reebok gets into the game

EA wheeler-dealing continues

If any one was under any doubt as to which publisher can most ably exploit the commercial values of games, then let them be told firmly that EA know how to make games earn, as amply demonstrated by the firm's latest deal, with sportswear giant Reebok, who will see their products featured in a number of EA's forthcoming titles, starting with NFL Street - out now in America, and in late January in Europe. The games will be used to highlight footwear and other clothing items for new products ahead of launch, and all NFL players are already exclusively Reebok's.

"Our goal of enrolling youth into the brand through sports, entertainment and technology manifests itself perfectly in games like this," commented Reebok marketing boss Brian Povinelli recently. "It's an important and extremely effective part of our integrated marketing model."

It is expected that EA will monitor Joe Public's reaction to Reebok on the new Street title, before migrating such deals to their more 'serious' NBA and Madden games; and of course, EA's spin is that such deals as this enhance the authenticity of a title (as well as their bottom-line). We'll keep you posted.

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