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Frozen Endzone rolls out into public beta

Mode 7 using beta access to fund the game's development

Mode 7's latest effort Frozen Endzone is now in public beta.

Frozen Endzone is a turn-based sports game where large humanoid robots knock lumps out of each other in order to try and get the ball into the endzone.

Mode 7's Paul Taylor said, “Frozen Endzone is a hugely ambitious game for us. We wanted to make a simultaneous-turn-based game that translates your actions into ridiculously exciting cinematic outcomes. That somewhat overly specific dream is now coming together!” Frozen Endzone rolls out into public beta

The game is now available to buy in beta version allowing eager players to dive in and get involved in the development process with a variety of rewards depending on which pre-order bundle is purchased.

We previewed Frozen Endzone a wee while ago and thought it showed a decent amount of promise. It is due for a full release on the PC towards the end of 2014.

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