EA chases DICE

Pushing for control

EA's determination to acquire a larger foothold in Swedish developer Digital Illusions (or DICE), was amply demonstrated today by the firm's shift in position, after 28% of the firm's shareholders rejected EA's original takeover proposal. Whilst the board of directors advised acceptance of the offer, the key shareholders countered stating that the developer should be in a stronger position after their next major releases.

EA have now lowered the level of control from 90% to 50%, allowing interested parties to still take up EA's offer of SEK 61 per share. The original offer period has also been extended from December 16th by the eager bods at EA, who have now given shareholders until January 20th to deicide. The Battlefield series is of course EA's target, and they would surely love to bring another powerful IP 'closer to home'. Regardless, EA will publish Battlefield: Modern Combat and Battlefield 2 on behalf of DICE in 2005.

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