Reflections lose founder

On to pastures new

Long-running UK developer Reflections, creators most recently of the controversial DRIV3R, have lost their founder and creative director this week, as Martin Edmondson departs the firm in search of pastures new. The veteran game creator states that he will continue creating original new titles, but is not in a position to reveal his intentions yet. Reflections was purchased by publisher Atari in 1998 after the success of the first Driver title, though the most recent game caused something of an industry storm which painted Atari in a rather disparaging light.

Reflections have been responsible for games such as Destruction Derby and Shadow of the Beast in years gone by, and have been going since 1984. "Reflections remains home to a team of talented and committed people and I wish them all a great deal of success in the future. It is too early for me to announce my own plans, but I fully intend to carry on creating original IP and bringing successful games to market," Edmondson told MCV recently. We'll keep you posted on activities at Reflections.

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