The Hulk returns

New game promises free-roaming action

Vivendi Universal Games have revealed that the Hulk will be bouncing back onto our screens soon in the shape of 'The Incredible Hulk', being developed by Radical Games for a release on the PS2, Xbox and GameCube in summer 2005. Unlike the previously uninspiring Hulk outing, Radical's attempt will be of the free-roaming 'sandbox' style we're so fond of, and will boast plenty of scenery to use and destroy during the Hulk's various rampages.

"Jump anywhere, climb anything and smash everything", states Vivendi, who also talk of new fighting moves, huge bosses and various missions through which the game progresses. Radical are responsible for the critically acclaimed Simpson's Hit and Run, which also boasted free-roaming gameplay, and this may be why they have been charged with delivering this new Hulk experience too. We'll keep you posted.

E3 Trailer