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Warner hold back Matrix Online

We're going to make sure its good...

The Matrix Online won't be out in January as originally planned, Warner Brothers Interactive division instead demonstrating their mettle and commitment to a first-class debut by delaying the release until the spring. The firm applauded newly purchased developer Monolith for having readied the game for a new year launch, but stated that the game would now benefit from the extra-polish. WBIE will be co-publishing the game alongside Sega. "We're going to do the right things, to be a studio that makes the right decisions for the product and for the consumer," commented divisional head Jason Hall.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have a mandate to produce top quality licensed titles, as well as original content, and Jason Hall has been vocal in attacking the standard of some licensed titles in the past; stating that publisher developing such games which review poorly should suffer financial penalties. A brand fanzine being created alongside DC Comics was also announced by WBIE, who inform us that the new publication will be distributed to beta testers. More soon.

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