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New PSP games mooted by Sony

Title build-up starts

Whilst we're slowly beginning to fathom and assess the newly arrived PSP handheld (out in Japan last Sunday), the device's manufacturer Sony have commenced the build up of titles that they hope will carry the impressive new arrival to glory in North America and Europe too. With a PSP debut expected but not confirmed for spring 2005, Sony have revealed six new titles which will be developed on the continent for this launch.

Two titles have been revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London, an online multiplayer battle 'em up called Fired Up, which sounds like the PS2's own Hardware, and a title codenamed 'Football', which may become 'This is Football' at a later date. A new action-adventure title MediEvil is also en route from Sony's Cambridge studio, whilst in Liverpool a new Wipeout game subtitled 'Pure' is also being created by the team formerly known as Psygnosis. WiFi multiplayer enabled conversions of the latest WRC and Formula One titles are being handled by Traveller's Tales (a third party developer), and a number of these titles are also said to include the first mentions of downloadable content.

It will be interesting to see how Sony handles downloadable content, and despite having played at length with the PSP, it is certainly ambiguous how the Japanese giant hope to handle this connectivity, which could be a key feature. In related news, word reaches us that pretty much all of the initial allocation of units have now sold out in Japan, though 200,000 was someway short of rival Nintendo's 500,000 opening shipment for the DS. Sony hopes to bring the total shipped to some half a million by the end of the year, though when the next shipments will arrive remains uncertain. More as we get it.

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